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MERG Area Groups and Special Interest Groups

MERG has an increasing number of Area Groups and Special Interest Groups throughout the UK and the rest of the world - it is believed that the full benefit of the membership of MERG can better be achieved when as many members as practicable meet and share their experience. Area Groups provide opportunities for members in local areas to meet up in person for mutual help. There is also a 'Virtual Group' enabling those members that cannot attend local meetings to meet on line by Zoom.

Most Special Interest Groups provide opportunities for members interested in specific technologies to meet and share their interest, these groups normally meet on line via Zoom. We also have some Special Interest Groups devoted to the preparation, by experienced members, of educational materials to help those less experienced gain confidence and skills.

Each Area Group and most of the Special Interest Groups has its own section on the forum, their own public and member only web pages and they hold regular meetings in their areas (or via Zoom). You can see more about your local Area Groups and appropriate Special Interest Groups by selecting them from the lists on this page.