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MERG Yorkshire Area Group

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Please indicate Yorkshire Area Group in your message Contact MERG

Who are the leaders of the group?

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Peter Denton
Bob Shanks

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How do you meet?

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Meeting Dates are generally the third Saturdays of the odd numbered months.

Yes as a group we have the full range from Know all to know nowt, and that is what makes it work. People are not made to feel silly but actively encouraged to ask the questions that intimidate them or they think may be silly. We all remember that once (or even often now) we still ask what we think could be silly questions.

We try to have a theme to a meet if possible, but often the more interesting bit is the open forum question time, where subjects can range free and the answers are generally free flowing and useful to have. If one person doesn't know we are sure we know a man who does!

Since the problems of isolating and shielding have presented us with a need for alternative plans we have moved to Zoom.Generally we are still holding the meetings but on line. We convene online at 2pm on the 3rd Saturday of odd numbered months as before.

When we meet as a group, refreshments are always available, and if meeting on line you may be lucky to have table service. Likewise when we meet in reality we definitely recommend you “don't forget a packed lunch” .

And the Next Meeting?

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