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John Broadley (M2273)
John's SmarTrax control and simulation software pages.
Brian Lambert Model Railway Site
Brian Lambert (M-2067)
Website covering many aspects of model railway construction, including electrics and DCC
Colchester MRC
Paul Evans (M612)
The word on the Colchester club by our former secretary.
Grovenor Sidings
Keith Norgrove (M764)
Keith offers a variety of pages including a turntable drive and some locomotive conversions.
Servo Mounts
David Ingoldby M3904
Details on David's servo mounts
Andrew Crosland (M1522)
This link goes to Andrew's support pages for the kit version of the SPROG as sold by the MERG stores.
Tapiola Parish Model Railway Club
Pekka Siiskonen (M756)
An overview of how train operation and control is achieved on their club layout, including circuit details for the transistor throttle controllers and turnout controls
Using CBUS on the 2mm Freshwater Layout
Ian Morgan (M2775)
Ian Morgan describes the use of CBUS and his work in getting it ready for the Basingstoke 2mm Area Group

Electronic/Industrial supplierstopofpage

Suppliers of the Red Arrow infrared locomotive control system originally introduced by Exactoscale.
All Components
A bit of an exaggeration but a useful range of controllers and other parts for model railway electronics and they do have on-line ordering.
Anglia Components
The best prices if you are buying enough, watch for the minimum order value.
Antenna Models
Suppliers of Radio Control for Model Railways, good site for information.
Bang Goods
China based company. Supply a very wide range of items incluging electronics and mechatronics bits such as sub miniature stepper motors and linear servos (although these look a bit crude).
A hobby oriented supplier for those odd components.
Bowood Electronics
A supplier of electronic components to hobbyists with an easy to search site.
Branor Products
Electronic design and development, including fibre-optic lighting and video camera trucks.
Brian Jones Engineering
Specialist supplier of radio control for garden railways and other miscellaneous goodies.
Combined Precision Components, another on-line and mail order supplier apparently associated with Farnell.
CR Signals
Supply Colour light signals and other illuminated accessories, mainly N gauge.
CTI electronics
Provide modules, accessories and software for remote control of layouts from your PC, can be used with conventional or dcc systems.
A Swiss supplier for small motors and gears and extra small actuators.
ESR Electronic Supplies
An interesting range of electronic kit for the hobby. .pdf catalogue for download.
Express Models
Express provide a wide range of coach and locomotive lighting as well as other gadgets.
One of the major mail order component suppliers, on line ordering too.
First Class Trains
Another supplier of coach and loco lighting and also smoke units.
GML Enterprises
Model Railroad Electronics
Greenweld has a miscellaneous collection of electronic and hobby items, if you are lucky you may find a bargain.
Grizzly Mountain Engineering
Sound systems including synchronising cams.
Heathcote Electronics.
Supplier of the well known IRDOT modules. the site has a detailed description. For US readers try the importer
A german site offering transponders and readers to allow train identification independent of any control system.
Helmsman Electronics
Offers a range of electronics products, from power supplies up to 5 Amp capacity (some have a computer interface) to flashing tail lights for model railways.
Howes Models
A range of model railway supplies as well as servo motors.
JLC Enterprises
Sells all the parts for the well known Bruce Chubb C/MRI including a current transformer based TOTI
Offer a radio control system for scales from N to G
Magenta Electronics
Offers various kits including the PIC driven stepper motor - useful for the 16C84 EE PIC programming.
MegaPoints Controllers
David Fenton (M6182)
A range of modules for model railway control including the MegaPoints Servo Controller
Milford Instruments
UK supplier of "Flexinol" SMA Memory Wire and Stamp Basic-programmed microprocessors.
Specialist in lighting for the hobbyist, supplies Yelloglo 'white' LEDs.
A wide variety of DC controllers and electronic modules
Morley Controllers
A range of traditional styled controllers using 'centre off' style controls and with the added benefit of built in CDUs.
Motion Company
UK based company. Good selection of mechatronics bits including sub-miniature conventional motors, gears, racks, toothed belts, bearings.
New York Railway Supply
Provide turntable indexing systems using stepper motors.
Nigel Lawton
00-9 kits and supplies, good source for small motors and gearing.
Online @ Microchip
Producer of PICmicro devices. Pages include product Application Notes and Datasheets.
Phoenix Sound Systems
Maker of sophisticated sound systems for the larger scales.
Rapid Electronics
One of the best on-line suppliers in the UK, reasonable prices and rapid delivery.
A resistor manufacturer this site has a resistor handbook and technical data.
RS Components
Once the famous 'Radio Spares' now an industrial supplier but can come in handy. On line ordering and lots of downloadable data sheets.
RSH Electronics
Supply a range of electronic components including transistors, diodes, switches etc with no minimum order, and low postage.
Rewinds, remagnetising and DCC for Hornby Dublo and Triang.
Signal Research
Offer a digital block control system, the site has now been expanded and has an interesting system description.
UK based company. Very good service. Do a variety of electronics (inc Arduino, Raspberry Pi) bits and some mechatronics bits. A lot of stepper motors (NMEA std), plastic chain transmission.
The Servo Shop
For a huge range of servo motors, useful to check specs.
Viessmann Models
German manufacturer of signals, lighting and other accessories.
W S Ataras Engineering
Signaling solutions for model railroads

Model Railway Electronics topofpage

Absolute Aspects
Supplier of bespoke signals formerly supplied by Roger Murray.
Adventure in Miniature
A dutch modelling site with some interesting electronic and DCC projects including memory wire point actuation.
Armadillo and Western
Another layout site with electronic projects attached
Control of Stepping Motors, a Tutorial
Doug Jones at the University of Iowa provides a description of how to control stepper motors for turntables and similar applications.
DCC N gauge
David Harris - David shares some of his ideas
A site desribing development of a model railway automation system using 'railcom' readers
Electronic Circuits
A collection of circuits culled from magazines etc and presented in a rather unusual way
Electronics tutorials
This looks like it could be a useful on-line encyclopedia, for beginners and the more experienced, of electronics (and just about everything else too!)
Gateway NMRA
This NMRA region has an interesting section on electronics.
Green Gate
A german site offerring programming software for DCC
Hobby Projects
A collection of model railway related electronic resources.
Model Railroad Electronics Circuits
Rob Paisley describes many of the circuits used on the large 'O' scale layout of the London Model Railroad Group in Ontario, Canada. Now available again.
Model Railroad System
A collection of applications for controlling and operating model railways, by Robert Heller of Deepwoods Software.
Model Railroading
Constant brightness lighting using the LM334Z
My Loco Sound
Offers sound boards for DC and DCC trains and also RTR units fitted in vans.
The well known american wheel and gear maker, North west Short Line has diversified into production of a radio control for DCC with the S-cab
Power supplies
A site with some advice on using old computer power supplies.
An electronic hobby site including a Railroad Signaling system
Sierra Western & Santa Fe
A large US layout controlled by DCC. Pages include an overview of the Locomotive Control System.
Talking Electronics
This site provides a lot of beginners information and tutorials with particular emphasis on the use of PICs. Kits are on offer to support the tutorials and include a PIC programmer.
The Teton Short Line
is an established US model railroad by Wayne Roderick. His pages give a lot of information on the electronic systems used on the Teton Short Line.
Tillorps Mekaniska (The Tillorp Locomotive Works)
Download a complete NMRA compatible DCC system with 8 throttles and easy decoder programming capability, run trains with an inexpensive TV-remote, or build a simple actuator using Memory Wire.
Turntable Controls - An article
Fine Positioning using an Optical Interrupter

Computer Software topofpage

Graham Plowman offers 'SSI', also designed to drive the RPC system.
Java Model Railroad Interface: This site supports a collaborative effort to develop Model Railway software in the open-source tradition. The first fruit of this endeavour is a DCC Programmer.
Model Train Catalogue
Cataloguing software as described in MERG Journal 2016 No 4
QTU, TCC etc.
Howard Amos's site supports his software and hardware designs for layout automation and his plans for life in New Zealand.
Railroad & Co.
A computer program to operate a layout from a PC running MS Windows.
Rob Versluis M3498
Rocrail is an open source software project for layout automation and provides an alternative to JMRI
Sandia Software
Offers various model railway related software including 'Cadrail', a CAD program for model railway design.
Judi Rastall M3086
Software for generating traffic based on prototype practice and producing schedules and timetables, worth a look.
Layout design package. The demonstration version on-line for download contains libraries of 'Peco' and 'Hornby' track templates.
A well featured program for designing a layout, "XTrkCad" includes templates for most commercial track and even for P4 track. Formerly offered as shareware XTrkCad is now available as a free download.

DCC - non-commercialtopofpage

DCC Basics
Description of their use of DCC
DCC Conversions for LGB
A useful set of pages for the Garden Railway lovers.
DCC decoder plugs and sockets.
Information on the 21pin plugs and sockets.
DCC DIY function only decoder
Interesting function decoders, economical if you want fancy lighting in coaches etc. By Paul Harman
DCC Helpful Hints
Dick Bronson covers DCC including block occupancy detection and remote control uncouplers.
Embedded loconet
A DIY DCC System
National Model Railroad Association
The organisation administering the DCC Standard. Search the site for the official Standards and Recommended Practices for the NMRA DCC specification. Also for the list of commercial products that have been awarded NMRA Conformance Warrants and a links page with over 3000 railroad sites. See also John Balogh's NMRA site>/a>
The European standards for model railways are available here, generally they adopt the NMRA standards for DCC but there are often presented a bit differently!
TMWDCC Hardware
Circuit designs for DCC boosters, decoders, etc. Etched pcb's for the project are available from a company in Sweden.
A Swiss DCC Group connected with Tanner of Winlok, proposing standard interface protocols for model railway use. (German language)
Wiring for DCC
These excellent pages by Allan Gartner give advice on wiring layouts for DCC. See also Alan's Q&A forum.

DCC - UKtopofpage

CML Electronics
A small supplier of DCC accessories
Coastal DCC
Supplier of DCC systems and sound projects, based in Ipswich.
DCC Supplies
A UK specialist DCC supplier, selling a wide range of the major equipment plus accessories. They are also UK distributors for Pricom (DCC testers and Dream Players). They specialise mainly in DCC, supplying Lenz, ESU, Gaugemaster, Digitrax, NCE, Digirails, Zimo etc. and also a full range of maintenance and other essentials, including track.
DCC Train Automation
A DCC supplier concentrating on automation products
Now based in Settle, UK, this supplier of DCC systems and related accessories moved from Australia. Good on advice and assistance, especially for DCC sound and LED lighting and other nice things.
Digitrains Ltd
Offer DCC kit and associated accessories, dealers for NCE, TCS, ESU/Loksound and others.
Dynamis by Bachmann
A site to extoll the virtues of the new Bachmann DCC system, very high spec for the price.
After years of selling standard DC controllers Gaugemaster have expanded into DCC with a range based on the American MRC Prodigy advance.
Heathcote Electronics.
Supplier of DCC controlled coach lighting units
Scalerail of Horley, Surrey sell Lenz and provide on-line sales.
South West Digital
Supplier of ESU Loksound dcc, they have the manuals on line in English.
Sunningwell Command Control
Ted Smale imports Digitrax and Soundtrax equipment.
Wickness Models
Wickness Models offers a bespoke conversion service for OO and N gauge models covering UK, European and US manufacturers. They also offer a line of Lenz, CT Elektronik and Hornby DCC equipment and decoders. All enquires welcome. (Run by MERG Member No: 3363)

DCC - Europetopofpage

CT elektronic
Austrian supplier of decoders and some other electronic goodies.
Dietz Modelbahntechnik
Offer a variety of DCC items
ESU Loksound
German alternative to Soundtraxx with some innovative features.
Manufacturer of FMZ, now upgraded to a dual NMRA and FMZ system. <em>(German language)</em>.
Multilingual Hobby site by Hans Deloof with an economical range of accessory boards for use with Loconet, includes Servo drivers, block detectors and I/O boards.
Offer a transponder system for feedback from dcc systems (German language).
Littfinski have a variety of DCC modules including accessory decoders.
German manufacturer producing products to the NMRA DCC specification.
German manufacturer well known for their model railway products not NMRA compatible but their own Marklin format dcc. <em>(German language)</em>.
German manufacturer of analogue and digital items including the "Intellibox" multiprotocol command station, site is in German but English manuals are available for downloading.
Swiss manufacturer of very sophisticated decoders incorporating sound and an auto signalling feature.
Viessmann Models
German manufacturer of accessory decoders, DCC command station and booster, all kinds of model items like lights and signals, Kibri and Volmer models, catenary system items, figures, etc.
Austrian manufacturer producing high specification DCC products.

DCC - USAtopofpage

Blackstone Models
A division of Soundtraxx established to market DCC and Sound equipped H0n3 trains.
CVP Products
Supplier of the EasyDCC system ready made or as the kits featured in Model Railroader Magazine.
A DCC supplier with a range of automatic control modules
Manufacturer of DCC products that are popular with North American users.
Model Railroad Solutions
Canadian supplier of Zimo and Loksound amongst others.
Model Rectifier Corp.
Makers of the Prodigy and Prodigy advance DCC system.
North Coast Engineering
Manufacturer of the North Coast Master Series DCC System and North Coast Decoders. North Coast now have their own site.
DCC Sound Systems, site includes samples.
Team Digital
A variety of advanced DCC accessories
Train Control Systems.
A supplier of decoders.


Missenden Abbey
An annual weekend course on model railway electronics as well as others on other modelling topics. Tutors for the electronics course come from MERG and it is masterminded by member Chris Langdon.

SMA (Memory Wire)topofpage

Flexinol Wires
Information on "Flexinol" Memory Wire by the US manufacturer
Supplied memory wire specially developed for modelling applications (refer to TB G22/1 by Mike Walshaw) but manufacturing now ceased. The Website includes a comprehensive section on memory wire explaining how and why.

Helpful sitestopofpage

Basic Soldering Guide
On-line course from EPE Magazine
PIC Microcontrollers
On-line book on PIC programming from 'mikroElektronika', 9 chapters, very comprehensive introduction.
UK Model Shop Directory
Probably the largest and most comprehensive directory of online resources for UK modellers.
What is Linux
A good general description about Linux

3D printingtopofpage

3D Designs (Thingiverse)
Masses of designs for 3D printers.
Filament Supplier (3DFilaprint)
Several MERG members buy their filament (ABS and PLA) from this UK based supplier. The prices are considerably cheaper than other suppliers. A large range of "novelty" filaments are also available such as "cement" and "wood". Sample packs ("wraps") of 10m of filament are available at a very reasonable price.
Makerbot upgrades (bc technologies)
US company that supplies heated glass bed plates and replacement aluminium arms for the makerbot 3D printers.
Makerbot upgrades (p3-d)
US based company that supplies glass bed plates (unheated) and aluminium arm stiffeners for the Makerbot printers.


Building a DCC Monitor with an Arduino
Details on interfacing an Arduino to DCC to monitor DCC packets.

Layouts and Museumstopofpage

Pendon Museum
A UK registered charity and home to a permanent and automated railway modelling exhibit, Pendon Museum has a long association with MERG.