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This is the public page of the MERG - Cumbria Area Group Created July 2020 Cumbria is area group #36

MERG Cumbria Area Group

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The Cumbria Area Group was formed in the Summer of 2020.
The objective of the group is to ensure that the interests of the members are served by making use of the skills and knowledge inherent in the group, drawing on skills of subject experts and to expand our skills and knowledge through active, open participation.

How do I contact the Area Group

Who are the leaders of the group?

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Andrew Woolass M5848
Derek Coultherd

Would you like to join today?

Not a member? then

and sign up to this Area Group. If you are already a member

Select Cumbria Area Group from the drop down list in Other Area Groups and press the Subscribe to Area Group button.

How do you meet?

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We meet on selected Friday afternoons using Zoom. The session usually starts a little before the advertised time to allow getting your microphone and camera(s) working. If there is an advertised speaker that section of the meeting starts as soon after 14:00 as possible.

Often we choose a topic to discuss (e.g Train detection) and then relate experiences and ideas.

The meeting is open to any Electronics / Computer related subject so if you have a question or what to share something just say so.

We welcome new members.

And the Next Meeting?

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14:00 28-JanCumbria AG DCC++EXLets Talk about DCC++EX. Refer to Online Zoom Meeting
14:00 11-FebCumbria AG CBUS test RigLets talk about building a CBUS test rig. If you have built one please share, If you would like to build one please join in and ask questions. Yes we will mention the FCU. Online Zoom Meeting
14:00 11-MarCumbria AG EzyBusLets talk about EzyBus The V2 Controller, Input and Output modules are well established in the kit locker. Maybe we can even talk about customising the software.Online Zoom Meeting
14:00 25-MarCumbria AG TBATBAOnline Zoom Meeting
14:00 08-AprCumbria AG TBATBAOnline Zoom Meeting
14:00 22-AprCumbria AG TBATBAOnline Zoom Meeting

Our Blog

A blog site shared with the Scottish Borders Area Group has been set up for informal communication.

It can be accessed here Cumbria and Scottish Borders Blogspot

How do Video Calls Work?

To participate, members need a mobile phone, tablet or a PC / Mac with a camera and microphone.

Calls are scheduled in advance and members are informed as to time and date via MERG systems. A meeting number and password are provided.

When it is time to start a call, a voice and video conference is opened up which has thumbnails of each video participant and any shared presentations or desktops. The call leader facilitates the call and the discussions and tries to get through the agenda in the agreed time. Zoom has two views available. The first is the speaker view which selects the video stream from the person speaking. The second is Gallery view which shows streams from all participants.

If you would like to try out Zoom, then there is a test meeting service where you are the only participant and you can experiment with the various options available.

This link is available to anybody, not just members of the area group.

Why not try out our blog for the Scottish Borders and Cumbria

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