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Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire Area Group

Contacting the Area Group

Please indicate WNO Area Group in your message Contact MERG

Who are the leaders of the group?

Simon West Area Group Leader
Andy Cumming Assistant Area Group Leader
Mike Collins Zoom Meeting Moderator

Area Group Meetings

In Normal times, the WNO area group meet six times each year for a full day, generally on a Saturday, at the club rooms of the Leamington and Warwick Model Railway Society where MERG members are able to see the Society's three Exhibition Layouts that have MERG CBUS and MERG DCC installed.

Meetings generally comprise:

  • A presentation on a subject previously requested by the members.
  • Open workshops / discussions.
  • Assistance for individuals and groups of members.

Area Group Workshops

Workshops are always held in the afternoon of bi-monthly meetings to assist the following:

  • Members bringing their own kits to assemble with help from others in the group where required
  • Members bringing their built kit where they need assistance to get it working or need to share test equipment
  • Members interconnecting working kits to learn how kits can work together to improve the operation of their model railway.

Additionally, specialist workshops are run on an occasional basis. Most recent subjects have been:

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Building a CANMIO Kit.
  • Configuring CBUS using FCU.

Joining the Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire Group

To attend a Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire MERG Area Group Meeting, whether in normal times or the virtual meetings, you must be a MERG member.

Once you have signed up, make sure you join the Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire Area Group.

Select WNO Area Group from the drop down list in Other Area Groups and press the Subscribe to Area Group button.

Meeting Schedule

Zoom online Meetings You will need to opt into the Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire Area Group to ensure an emailed invite to any of the following meetings


Past Meeetings

Recent meetings include: -

10:00 11-MayWarwickshire & North Oxfordshire Area GroupLadbroke Village Hall CV47 2BY

Past Activities of the Group

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