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This is the public page of the MERG - Croydon Area Group Created May 2022 Croydon is area group #42

MERG Croydon Area Group

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The Croydon Area Group started forming in April 2022.
The first meeting will be on Friday tenth June at 19:00. We will meet at Croydon Model Railway Society.

How do I contact the Area Group

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Who are the leader of the group?

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Allan Geekie

Would you like to join today?

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How do you meet?

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The group will meet on the second Friday on each month at 19:00 at Croydon Model Railway Society in South Croydon.

And the Next Meeting?

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19:00 10-JunCroydon Area Group MeetingInaugural meeting to familiarise ourselves with what is available at the clubhouse, start to plan the activities that we wish to undertake and to agree on what presentations / demonstrations we would like to organise.Croydon Model Railway Club
19:00 08-JulCroydon Area Group MeetingMore details on activities after our first meeting.Croydon Model Railway Club
19:00 12-AugCroydon Area Group MeetingCroydon Model Railway Club

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