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Kits and Supplies

MERG produces a range of kits, for self-assembly, offering a wide range of functionality. These kits are one of the many reasons that people join MERG - only members can purchase them. The kits come with clear and detailed instructions and the MERG membership provides unrivalled support. All the MERG products may be ordered using our online ordering system, available in the Members Area.

Kit Categories

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Example Kits

All kits are supplied in packaging which contains Printed Circuit Board(s), all necessary components (clearly marked for ease of identification) and comprehensive instructions.

Sample packs


One of our most popular kits, the board can drive up to 4 model aircraft servos for turnouts, level crossing gates, semaphore signals, etc


DCC Handset

MERG member designed DCC handset for use with the MERG DCC Command Module. (Both fully NMRA compliant)

DCC Handset

Usage examples

Using Servos

MERG member Peter Mabey provides a comprehensive guide to the kits available in the Kitlocker to help you use servo motors to change points, move semaphore signals or open gates.

Turntable Kit

MERG member Eve Wallis puts the MERG Turntable kits through their paces in a layout with Southern and Great Western locos and rolling stock.

Example Documentation

Building Instructions

The instructions for a PTP-Lite module are shown above - which include full component details, instructions on the assembly order and testing information. These are typical of the instructions supplied with all MERG kits.