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Pocket Money Projects, PMPs and Kits, PMKs


MERG now has a selection of more than 25 PMPs, available from the kitlocker, designed to serve as a learning excercise for novices to electronics while providing something useful to use on the layout. These are really low cost and allow novices to practice soldering and kit assembly very cheaply while obtaining useful items. The PMPs range from a track tester at £0.29 to a set of Hall effect (Magnetic) sensors at £3.41. The range includes a variety of train detectors, servo drivers, speed controllers, shuttle controllers, etc. The majority of these are designed to be assembled on small pieces of stripboard and the downloadable instructions cover that process. A few are available with bespoke circuit boards and are listed as Pocket Money Kits, PMKs. In addition members have created bespoke boards for some of the others and may make them available or publish the design outside of the kitlocker.

PMK Listing

  • PMK1 - Track tester
  • PMK7 - DCC train detector, diode drop
  • PMK18 - EzyPoints, servo driver
  • PMK22 - Laser train detector
  • PMP Listing

  • PMP1 - Track tester
  • PMP2 - LDR train detector
  • PMP3 - Servo tester
  • PMP4 - Simple shuttle controller
  • PMP4a - Shuttle add on to operate a turnout
  • PMP5 - Logic probe
  • PMP6 - 12 Volt DC supply
  • PMP7 - DCC Train detector, diode drop
  • PMP8 - Multi purpose flasher
  • PMP9 - Traffic light controller, 4 way
  • PMP10 - Speed controller, variable voltage
  • PMP11 - LED dimmer
  • PMP12 - Random lighting controller
  • PMP13 - Lighthouse simulator
  • PMP14 - DCC decoder test rig
  • PMP15 - Train auto stop
  • PMP16 - DCC turnout position sensor
  • PMP17 - Automatic signal controller
  • PMP19 - Automatic coach lighting
  • PMP20 - Versatile timer
  • PMP21 - Dual LED flasher, eg level crossing lights
  • PMP23 - DCC reverse loop controller
  • PMP24 - Arc flash generator
  • PMP25 - Steam sound emulator
  • PMP26 - Event sequencer
  • PMP27 - Button operation add on for Servo4 or Ezypoints kits
  • PMP99 - Hall effect sensor pack