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MERG range of kits continues to expand

Ever in the forefront of innovation regarding electronic control of Model Railways, MERG continues to introduce new kits and systems to make life more interesting and simpler for modellers. The latest newcomer is the Point to Point Lite system designed to enable the drastic reduction of control wires from your layout accessories to your control panel.

Based upon a single multifunctional system module which uses a common Microchip PIC controller, the system collects layout accessory status information from points, signals and occupancy detectors, combines them onto a simple data bus and delivers it to your mimic-style control panel. The system also collects status information from your panel switches and pushbuttons and distributes it to your layout thus allowing simplified wiring.

Further development will see the system able to echo layout status information to a computer through a USB port and follow up with the ability to include the transportation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) data.

Integrating with other MERG control modules is straightforward and PTP-Lite is inexpensive to build and install.

Current Modules

8 Channel Input/Output/Control Module – connects with 8 status wires for input and output.

Simple Backplane – provides layout mounting to connect panels and accessories

High Voltage Backplane – layout mounting and interfacing with 12 – 24 volt devices

USB Interface - Computer connection interface

RS232 Interface – RFID connection interface