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Glossary W


A unit of power most often used in the electrical and electronic industries and is defined as one joule of energy per second. Named after the British Engineer James Watt, it was adopted by the Second Congress of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1889. All household appliances have the amount of power in watts that they consume imprinted somewhere on the casing. Watts in the electronic arena are calculated as volts x amperes.

Welding simulator

An electronic circuit that creates short intensity high brightness sparking or flashing to mimic that caused by the process of welding. The MERG kit 61 Gas Lamp Twinkler can be modified to produce this effect with the use of suitable high brightness LEDs


A Wiki is a data structure which allows for users to edit pages and create new ones. A Wiki structure is used in MERG to provide a KnowledgeBase.

More information here: Wiki

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