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More CBUS - Weekend Course

See the list of possible courses for 2023, and if you are interested in this or another course for 2023, please let us know.

Watch this space for when the next course is scheduled, but note that we will only run this course in 2023 if we receive sufficient expressions of interest.

This course is for those already familiar with the basics of CBUS, who would like to take it further.

The course will start with arrivals from 4pm on Friday evening and then takes place over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

We also have an optional follow-on practical workshop day on Monday 25th April. This will be a practical workshop day for you to apply the knowledge learnt over the weekend. You can work on whatever you wish, with assistance from the tutors, such as working on your own CBUS implementation or revisiting certain course subjects.

This course assumes that you have attended the Introduction to CBUS course, or that you already have a good understanding of the basics of CBUS, building modules and getting them working.

“More CBUS” takes you on from the basics to making more of CBUS, with particular emphasis on using the Universal CANMIO firmware as well as interlocking and other applications of CANCOMPUTE.

Topics covered will include:

  • Recent Developments in CBUS - up to the minute “What's New”
  • Connecting to CBUS using Ethernet - the CANEther, CANPi and CANPiZero modules
  • More practice and setup in FliM using the FCU utility
    • Teaching producer events
    • Understanding CBUS messages
    • Using FCU with generic dialogs
  • The Universal CANMIO firmware:
    • Inputs/outputs and servos all on one board
    • Concepts
    • Limitations
    • Setting up with FCU - latest FCU updates
  • Using CANMIO daughter boards
  • Conditional events and interlocking with CANCOMPUTE
  • “Start of day” events
  • Short vs long events
  • Turnout feedback - real and virtual
  • Changing settings in the MERG CANCMD using FCU
  • Looking at the new JMRI node manager and alternatives to FCU.
  • Arduino CBUS modules

You can download More details below:

More CBUS course 2022 details

These courses are organised by a group of MERG members for the benefit of other MERG members and railway modellers in general. Your booking is directly with the course organisers, not with MERG itself.

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