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MERG East of Scotland Area Group

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How do I contact the Area Group

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Who are the leaders of the group?

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Jim Hardie - Chairman
Alistair Fitchie

Would you like to join today?

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Not a member? then

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How do you meet?

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Whilst restrictions are in place, we are using Zoom video calls.

Previously, meetings were held around once a quarter at West Calder Community Centre. January (AGM), April, July and October.

These are more formal than the workshops but still remain a relaxed and inviting affair.

Here we can listen to down to earth talks on key parts of electronics in model railway layouts from people who really know their stuff.

It is a chance to quiz these people too and present our own experiences without fear of ridicule or embarrassment. They are experts for a reason - probably because as we are all experiencing going down the same journey - it is just that some have spend longer than others on that journey and are at different stations down the line.

Workshops are held around once a month 10:30 to 15:30.

We normally start with a coffee as everyone arrives and then chat through the aims of the day and who will do what and who will supervise and assist when needed.

Lunch does happen but the timing depends on what each of us is up to. But it is a good time to talk through issues you may be having with your home layout. No over-bearing advice - just friendly options.

And the Next Meeting?

* Replace NN with the number of your area group - get from the AG admin page. Update the contact form title. *

14:00 31-JanEast of Scotland Area GroupJim Hardie is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: First online AGM, with a chance to volunteer to be group leader. I will support you all the way (well until the end of the meeting) :-) Will also be time to chat and discuss life. Zoom meeting

How do Video Calls Work?

The calls last 40 mins after which you can re-join (using same id and password/link) for as long at it takes, to participate, members need a mobile phone, tablet or a PC / Mac with a camera and microphone.

Calls are scheduled in advance and are held on the last Saturday/Sunday of the month sometime both days depending on the subjects. Topics are agreed in advance with any suggestion more than welcome.

When it is time to start a call, a voice and video conference is opened up which has thumbnails of each video participant and any shared presentations or desktops. The call leader facilitates the call and the discussions and tries to get through the agenda in a relaxed manner. Zoom has two views available. The first is the speaker view which selects the video stream from the person speaking. The second is Gallery view which shows streams from all participants.

If you would like to try out Zoom, then there is a test meeting service where you are the only participant and you can experiment with the various options available.

This link is available to anybody, not just members of the EoS area group.

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