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CBUS - A universal layout control system


CBUS is a Layout Control System running on the CAN (Controller Area Network). A brief description of the system and available kits can be found on our public webpages.

A complete description of CBUS including the full specification and implementation notes is contained in the 'Developer's Guide', see link below.

CBUS Documentation

This is the public view of CBUS and does not include MERG Technical Bulletins (TBs) or links to any other MERG Copyright material which is available only to members.

CBUS Developers' Guide
This Guide is intended for those with technical knowledge wishing to develop additional hardware, software and firmware for use with CBUS. It also provides all the technical background and information to enable a better understanding of how CBUS works, along with the rationale for our choices and methods.

Commanding Accessory Decoders using CANCMD & JMRI This description shows how to use CBUS events to operate DCC accessory modules via the CANCMD.


  • FCU: Windows based FLiM Configuration Utility for configuration of nodes and events.
  • JMRI: Java Model Railroad Interface for configuration, monitoring and operating.
  • ROCRAIL: A complete package for layout and loco operation.
  • SSI (Solid State Interlocker) from GPPSOFT: A complete layout control system following British signalling and control practice.
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