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Technical Bulletins

MERG produces Technical Bulletins covering a wide variety of topics - the full list of the currently available TBs are detailed below. Download facilities are available to Members in the Members Area

AncillaryTOP OF PAGE
A01/01 A high frequency oscillator (68.9 kb)  
A01/02 Construction & use of HF Oscillator to A1/1 (50.0 kb)  
A03/01 Point motor capacitor discharge power packs (20.8 kb)  
A05/01 Sustained Tail Lamps (21.9 kb)  
A06/01 Point motors: types, operation & indication (98.4 kb)  
A06/02 Comparative tests of three Motor-driven Point Motors (18.4 kb)  
A06/03 'Tortoise' Slow Motion Switch Machine (Point Motor) - Data Sheet (134.4 kb)  
A07/01 Reed switches (41.1 kb)  
A07/02 Hall effect switches (39.7 kb)  
A07/03 Magnets - use with Reed and Hall Effect Switches (39.2 kb)  
A08/01 Fast recharge capacitor discharge unit (20.5 kb)  
A09/01 Capacitor discharge units using transistors (Issue 2) (47.3 kb)  
A10/01 Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) (274.5 kb)  
A11/01 Twinkling gas lamps (303.2 kb)  
A11/03 Flaming Hot Air Balloons, another use for twinklers (88.1 kb)  
A12/01 Motorised turntable control unit(see also A17/1) (23.5 kb)  
A14/01 A Measured Pulse capacitor discharge unit (91.5 kb)  
A15/01 Meters - in model railway service (55.2 kb)  
A15/02 Meters - interpreting the readings (58.1 kb)  
A15/05 Connecting Meters to a Pentroller (58.2 kb)  
A16/01 The 'Heiniken' track cleaner (20.6 kb)  
A16/02 The 'Flying banana' motored track cleaner (42.7 kb)  
A17/01 Turntable Operation using SCRs (see also A12/1) (43.4 kb)  
A17/02 Turntable indexing using an Infrared photoreflective sensor (515.7 kb)  
A18/01 Welding Arc Simulator (using CMOS) (25.6 kb)  
A19/01 High Frequency Train Lighting (and Train-on-Track Indication) (33.1 kb)  
A19/02 A High Quality Sine Wave generator (41.8 kb)  
A20/01 The MERG Simple Shuttle (Demonstration track) (47.3 kb)  
A21/01 Low Cost Current Display using a LED bargraph (36.7 kb)  
A23/01 An Overload protected Controller Output stage (21.7 kb)  
A24/01 Road Traffic Lights sequencer (27.0 kb)  
A25/01 A Touch Switch for Control panels (47.1 kb)  
A26/01 Servo Motor Driver (applied to loco water crane swing in & out!) (29.6 kb)  
A29/01 Single Wire Point Motor Switching Unit (54.5 kb)  
A30/01 Matrix Operation of Point Motors (48.7 kb)  
A31/01 Matrix Control for Point Motors (20.1 kb)  
A32/01 A Fast Analogue Clock (23.6 kb)  
A32/02 An Analogue Scale Time Clock (77.3 kb)  
A33/01 Section Isolating Switch with Isolation and Occupation Indication (33.0 kb)  
A33/02 Pulse generator for Isolated/occupied indication (24.3 kb)  
A34/01 Development of a Dual Point Motor (Solenoid type)Driver (50.8 kb)  
A35/01 Instrumentation for a 7 1/4" Gauge Battery Loco (24.8 kb)  
A36/01 The Faller Road System - Introduction (28.0 kb)  
A36/02 The Faller Road System - Route Selection and Parking (64.4 kb)  
A38/01 Programmable Servo Driver type "Servo 4" (66.6 kb)  
A38/02 Setting Box for ‘Servo 4’ Driver Board (115.9 kb)  
A39/01 A Simple RFID Reader Module (117.0 kb)  
A39/02 Putting RFID to Work 1 - Basic Principles and Installation (318.6 kb)  
A40/01 Stepper Motor Turntable Controller (288.3 kb)  
A40/02 Putting the Turntable Controller (Stepper Motor) Kit 79 to Use (1,383.7 kb)  
A41-01 Putting the Megapoints Servo Controller to Use (1,012.7 kb)  
ComponentsTOP OF PAGE
B01/01 Preferred Values for electronic components (31.7 kb)  
B02/01 Resistor colour coding (43.3 kb)  
B04/01 A Summary of Op Amps (24.2 kb)  
Comp./Command ControlTOP OF PAGE
CC02/01 The Interlocker System (Computer Control of Model Railways) (32.3 kb)  
CC02/02 The Interlocker System - the Hardware (Issue 3) (42.7 kb)  
CC02/06 The Signalman System (Peter J. Day M508) (67.9 kb)  
CC02/11 Computer Control in the Vale (Pendon Museum) (17.8 kb)  
CC03/01 The I2C Interfacing system and its relevance to Model Railways (28.4 kb)  
CC04/01 Command Control Route Indication (40.5 kb)  
CC04/02 Command Control Train on Track Indication using MERG TOTIs and Power supply (30.0 kb)  
CC05/01 The Airfix Multiple Train Control System (181.4 kb)  
CC21/01 Route Setting using a Microcontroller (20.5 kb)  
CC22/01 Computer-controlled Fiddle Yard project (43.2 kb)  
CC23/01 What you need to know to use the PIC Microprocessor (18.1 kb)  
CC23/02 Programming a PIC Microprocessor (34.5 kb)  
CC24/01 Computers and Model Railways - an Overview (28.9 kb)  
DCC01/01 Getting into DCC - a review of several commercial systems (20.2 kb)  
DCC02/01 Introduction to NMRA Digital Command Control (28.5 kb)  
DCC02/02 NMRA Decoder Configuration Variables (CVs) for ZTC / Lenz / Digitrax (21.7 kb)  
DCC03/01 Building a DCC decoder for N gauge (32.6 kb)  
DCC04/02 DCC Loco Conversions (54.7 kb)  
DCC11_05 MERG DCC8 Command Station - DEscription and Operation (301.8 kb)  
DCC11/03 MERG DCC handset HS2 (Rev B): Technical description and use (50.6 kb)  
DCC11/11 MERG DCC Accessory System: Overview, & Testing Assembled Kits (74.6 kb)  
DCC11/12 The MERG DCC Accessory Encoder (Version 2B) (148.6 kb)  
DCC11/13 The MERG DCC Pulsed Output Accessory Decoder (Version 2B) (178.3 kb)  
DCC11/14 The MERG DCC Accessory Decoder Version 3B - Steady State outputs. (152.4 kb)  
DCC11/19 Further Uses for the MERG DCC Steady State Accessory Decoder (110.5 kb)  
DCC20-01 The MERG 2nd gen DCC User's Guide (657.7 kb)  
DCC21/04 The MERG 2nd Generation DCC System (1,812.1 kb)  
G01/01 Transistors (44.3 kb)  
G02/01 Relays - updated (21.1 kb)  
G02/03 Latching Relays (and use for vehicle directional lighting) (22.7 kb)  
G03/01 Digital logic (162.7 kb)  
G05/01 Microprocessors and model railways - updated (34.5 kb)  
G06/01 Computer interfacing (Parts 1 & 2) (88.8 kb)  
G07/01 Multiplexing (22.5 kb)  
G08/01 A practical introduction to logic circuits (108.1 kb)  
G09/01 A loco controller using the Sinclair Spectrum with postscript (69.8 kb)  
G10/01 Sound and model railways (34.3 kb)  
G12/01 Diode - FET logic - a new family ? (261.4 kb)  
G13/01 A novel approach to layout wiring diagrams (32.2 kb)  
G14/01 The on-board controller (208.6 kb)  
G15/01 Loco controller using the Centronics interface (75.9 kb)  
G16/51 A Computer-controlled Throttle unit (192.4 kb)  
G16/55 An introduction to Tcc (Train control centre) software (384.1 kb)  
G16/56 Writing scripts for TCC - A tutorial (346.4 kb)  
G16/71 Layout Wiring: a radically new approach (78.4 kb)  
G16/72 Layout wiring Part 2: Assembling PtP and RPC kits: Installation and testing (54.6 kb)  
G16/85 Model Railway Computer Control Centre (MRCCC): Overview (211.6 kb)  
G16/86 Model Railway Computer Control Centre (MRCCC): User Guide (266.3 kb)  
G16/87 Computer Assisted Cab Control (CACC) (243.1 kb)  
G18/01 CARLOS unveiled - Your Control Panel on your PC Screen (159.8 kb)  
G19/01 Notes on the use of Memory Wire (36.8 kb)  
G19/02 Memory Wire for Points Actuation - comparison of 'One Way' and 'Reversing' wire (45.8 kb)  
G20/01 A simple voltage indicator (33.7 kb)  
G22/01 A Memory wire Turnout Operating Unit - MWTOU (79.1 kb)  
G23/01 Constant current driver for Memory wire (22.7 kb)  
G23/02 Adjustable drive circuit for Memory wire (18.7 kb)  
G24/01 Analogue Controllers for a G gauge Garden Railway (85.1 kb)  
G24/02 Train servo amplifier Testing (as used for G24/1) (26.6 kb)  
G25/01 Using the 555 timer (104.8 kb)  
G26/01 A Moving Message Simulator (42.7 kb)  
G27/01 Solid State Overload Protectors (73.5 kb)  
G28/01 Diode Controlled Slow and Stop sections (73.1 kb)  
Layout CablingTOP OF PAGE
LC01/01 Guidance for Cabling Model Railways (202.8 kb)  
LC02/01 Point to Point-Lite (PTP-Lite) (735.2 kb)  
LC02/02 Putting PTP-Lite to Work - External Interfacing (798.1 kb)  
LC02/03 Putting PTP-Lite to Work - System Installation (512.8 kb)  
LC02/04 PTP-Lite – USB and Serial Interface Backplanes (682.5 kb)  
LC02/05 Putting PTP-Lite to Work – RFID Data Transport (445.6 kb)  
PracticalTOP OF PAGE
P01/01 Practical Guide to Crimping and Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) (38.7 kb)  
P02/01 Guidance for Building a Typical MERG Electronic Kit (347.8 kb)  
ReferencesTOP OF PAGE
R05/01 Bibliography:'Electrical and Electronics' Series, NMRA Bulletin (US) (32.8 kb)  
R09/01 Model Railway Electronics - Index to Friberg books 1, 3 & 4. (63.1 kb)  
R10/01 Book Index- A Practical Introduction to Surface Mount Devices (33.3 kb)  
SignallingTOP OF PAGE
S01/01 Wiring complex pointwork (68.9 kb)  
S02/01 ENtrance EXit (NX) Route switching (38.3 kb)  
S04/01 NMRA dc 2-rail track circuiting system (with additional notes) (20.6 kb)  
S06/01 Signal Operation and Automatic restoration (30.2 kb)  
S11/01 I.R.I.S. - Independant Remotely Interlocked Section (128.8 kb)  
S12/01 Four Aspect Signals - Multiplex operation over 1 or 2 wires (53.8 kb)  
S13/01 The ENtrance EXit (NX) Panel - Prototype information (23.2 kb)  
S14/01 Simple Colour Lights signals for two sections (uses reed switch detection) (23.5 kb)  
S15/01 A Noise Resistant Bistable - includes use for reed switch operated 2-aspect signal (16.2 kb)  
S16/01 2-wire control for 4-aspect signals (20.0 kb)  
S17/01 A Damped Motor for 2mm scale Semaphore Signals (33.2 kb)  
S18/01 Electrical Interlocking of Points and Signals (45.7 kb)  
S19/01 The SD2 Signal Driver (50.3 kb)  
S19/02 Basic Principles of Using the SD2 Signal Driver Kit (DC or DCC) (99.5 kb)  
T01/01 Some new ac motors and thoughts thereon (63.7 kb)  
T02/01 A fixed height pulse controller (24.3 kb)  
T03/01 MERG MILLION controller (16.4 kb)  
T04/01 The Walshaw variant of the MERG MILLION controller (27.9 kb)  
T05/01 Motor control (17.4 kb)  
T06/01 Closed loop motor control (91.3 kb)  
T07/01 CMOS in model railway electronics (100.8 kb)  
T08/01 Traction supply (draft only) (26.9 kb)  
T12/01 An integrated controller using the LM317 (51.1 kb)  
T14/01 Controlling dc permanent-magnet motors used in model locomotives (18.6 kb)  
T15/01 A simple overload trip - theory (30.4 kb)  
T15/02 A simple overload trip - construction (498.6 kb)  
T16/01 A Linear controller with overload protection (32.5 kb)  
T17/01 A single knob controller (46.2 kb)  
T18/01 Wired and cordless controllers using joysticks (115.2 kb)  
T19/01 A hybrid pulse-width modulated (PWM) controller (100.4 kb)  
T20/01 Diesels with "real engines" using a free motor (39.6 kb)  
T23/01 A Computer-compatible Pulse Controller (97.5 kb)  
T24/01 DC Motor Control by Negative Resistance (64.7 kb)  
T25/01 The Ultimate Track Circuit Detector ? (76.2 kb)  
T26/01 Single Knob Walkaround Control (94.8 kb)  
T27/01 A Pulsed Linear Controller (40.3 kb)  
T27/02 A Timed-reset Current Trip (28.4 kb)  
T28/01 Track-based Cab Control (162.3 kb)  
T31/01 A Fixed Width Pulse Controller (FWP) (102.0 kb)  
T32/01 Reversed Linked Section Control (RLSC) (128.6 kb)  
Automatic Train ControlTOP OF PAGE
ATC01/02 The ATC Shuttle Control System – An Overview (1,029.3 kb)  
ATC02/01 The ATC Shuffle Mode (130.6 kb)  
ATC03/01 Testing and Setting Up a Standard ATC System (2,100.6 kb)  
ATC04/01 Putting the ATC to Work 1 – Planning Your Configuration (498.8 kb)  
ATC05/01 Putting the ATC to Work 2 – Creating PIC Sequences (293.1 kb)  
ATC06/01 Putting the ATC to Work 3 – Using the Excel Configuration Spreadsheet (440.7 kb)  
CBUS-00 CBUS - A universal layout control system. (262.2 kb)  
CBUS-01 CANACC8 - 15Vac CBUS Module for driving LEDs, Lights and Relays (579.5 kb)  
CBUS-02 CANACC4 - 15Vac CBUS Module for driving Solenoid Point Motors (676.4 kb)  
CBUS-10 Planning for CBUS on your Layout (476.4 kb)  
CBUS-12 CANSOL – 12Vdc CBUS Module for driving Solenoid Point Motors (959.5 kb)  
CBUS-13 CANPAN - 12Vdc CBUS Module for driving Control Panels (1,206.5 kb)  
CBUS-14 CANMIO (10.3 kb)  
CBUS-15 CANPiWI - CBUS WiFi Interface Module (78.1 kb)  
CBUS-17 CANGIZMO – CBUS Module Bench Tester (2,573.5 kb)  
CBUS-20/11 CANVOUT - 12V DC CBUS Module with 8 outputs and 8 inputs (2,374.3 kb)  
CBUS-20/14 CANV4BIP - 12V DC CBUS Module with 4 motorised point drivers and 8 inputs (2,692.9 kb)  
G32/03 CANACC5 - CBUS module for motorised point drivers etc. (313.1 kb)  
G32/04 CANACE3 - CBUS module for Control Panels (100.5 kb)  
G32/05 CAN-RS - An interface module between CBUS and Serial RS-232 (220.1 kb)  
G32/06 CANACE8C - CBUS 8 input combination module (161.2 kb)  
G32/07 CANLED - CBUS module for driving 64 LEDs (107.5 kb)  
G32/08 CANSERVO8 CBUS module for driving R/C Servos (50.7 kb)  
G32/11 Using the CBUS Experimenter’s Kit, Kit 90 (147.4 kb)  
Train DetectionTOP OF PAGE
A07/04 Hall effect switch as Train-on-Track Indicator (22.9 kb)  
S03/01 MERG Train On Track Indicator (ToTI) (incorporating S10/1) (22.2 kb)  
S07/01 Locomotive Isolated Detector (60.1 kb)  
S08/01 Train Detection - report on meeting (talk and discussion) (16.9 kb)  
S09/01 Transducers - or where is it? (45.0 kb)  
T09/01 2-rail track circuits (48.5 kb)  
T09/02 HYPOTRAC - a 2-rail circuit (113.7 kb)  
T21/01 Train-on-track indicator by comparator (45.8 kb)  
T21/02 Train-on-track indicator by comparator (Assembly & Test Instructions) (61.4 kb)  
T21/04 Dual Power Supply Module (143.0 kb)  
T21/05 Train-on-track indicator by comparator: version 3 (218.3 kb)  
T21/06 ToTI-2 – A 2 channel Train on Track Indicator by comparator: Version 4. (1,255.3 kb)  
T22/01 Train-on-Track Indication using Reed or Hall Effect switches (124.2 kb)  
T29/01 Train on track indication using a Flip Flop (15.8 kb)  
T30/01 Yet another Train on track indication (YaToTi) (25.6 kb)  
TD01/01 Dual Hector User manual (4,380.5 kb)  
CC01/01 ZERO-1 Command link (84.0 kb)  
CC01/02 ZERO-1 Slave controller unit - including modification for double heading (61.8 kb)  
CC01/03 ZERO-1 Slave controller (operation & modifications) (58.8 kb)  
CC01/05 ZERO-1 Display console & module (MicroMimic/Phase 3) (36.8 kb)  
CC01/06 ZERO-1 Point accessory module amplifier (19.3 kb)  
CC01/07 ZERO-1 MicroMimic console - battery & inspection (17.6 kb)  
CC01/08 ZERO-1 Loco module - a quick look (32.0 kb)  
CC01/09 ZERO-1 MicroMimic Display System (Mfrs. brochure plus comments) (637.5 kb)  
CC01/10 ZERO-1 Loco module coding chart (22.0 kb)  
CC01/12 ZERO-1 Master Controller Replacement Keyboard (Kit instructions) (25.0 kb)  
CC01/14 ZERO-1 Accessory Module R956 (Technical description and schematic) PB003 (48.0 kb)  
CC01/15 ZERO-1 Slave Cable Buffer (Slave connections at over 2 metres) PB001 (32.9 kb)  
CC01/17 ZERO-1 Modification of AC locos for Zero-1 operation PB002 (26.0 kb)  
CC01/18 ZERO-1 Loco module current booster PB004 (NB. 1.17 and 1.18 will be supplied printed back to back for the single TB price). (25.1 kb)  
CC01/20 ZERO-1 Stabilised Power Booster PB005 (23.0 kb)  
CC01/22 ZERO-1 Accessory Module Extender (22.5 kb)  
CC01/23 Coding ZTC Loco Modules using ZERO-1 Controllers (Hornby and H&M) (54.5 kb)  
G16/00 Remote Panel Control(RPC) System - Progress Report No. 1 (40.1 kb)  
G16/01 Remote Panel Control(RPC) System - Progress Report No. 2 (44.3 kb)  
G16/02 RPC System - Index to bulletins G16/3 - G16/24 (29.0 kb)  
G16/03 RPC System - System Overview (214.5 kb)  
G16/04 RPC System - Interface Specification (85.4 kb)  
G16/05 RPC System - RPI Remote Panel Interface (98.4 kb)  
G16/06 RPC System - DPR Module (8 Relay switching) (319.4 kb)  
G16/07 RPC System - SR04 Module (32 bit O/C Digital O/P) (185.6 kb)  
G16/08 RPC System - FTC Floating Track Circuit Module (8 track circuits) (556.1 kb)  
G16/12 RPC System - RTC Train Speed Controller (260.4 kb)  
G16/13 RPC System - PMD1 Solenoid Point Motor Driver (see G16/26 for On-board DPDT relay module) (86.1 kb)  
G16/14 RPC System - PMD2 Slow-action Point Motor Driver (152.0 kb)  
G16/15 RPC System - PMS2 Slow-action Point Motor Slave (95.6 kb)  
G16/16 RPC System - SD4 Multi-aspect Colour Light Signal Driver (105.5 kb)  
G16/17 RPC System - QPR Quad pole relay board (80.5 kb)  
G16/18 RPC System - RSA RS232/RS485 Adaptor (191.9 kb)  
G16/19 RPC System - SRI4 32 bit shift register logic input module (96.6 kb)  
G16/21 RPC System - Alternative Uses (non-computer applications) (109.8 kb)  
G16/22 RPC System - Serial/Shift register techniques (A general description but with special reference to the RPC system) (158.7 kb)  
G16/23 RPC System - PTP Point to Point data transfer (165.0 kb)  
G16/24 RPC System - RSE Remote Stack Extension system - to extend any RPC module stack (248.5 kb)  
G16/25 RPC System - RDD Remote Data Display (175.5 kb)  
G16/26 RPC System - PMR1 Solenoid Point Motor/Relay driver with on board relay. (83.7 kb)  
G16/27 RS232 - RS485 Buffer (90.9 kb)  
G16/75 Implementing a RPC System on a Home Layout (493.4 kb)  
G16/81 RPC Application on 'Horton' (792.2 kb)  
G16/xx RPC System - The Nottingham Exhibition report (RPC's first public outing) (48.6 kb)  
T33/01 The SuperBloc Concept and the BC3 Controller (78.6 kb)  
T33/02 Block Control Philosophy (94.9 kb)  
T33/11 SuperBloc BC3 Technical Description and Schematics (135.0 kb)  
T33/12 Testing a superBloc BC3 controller (38.9 kb)  
T33/13 SuperBloc Power Supplies (77.1 kb)  
T33/14 SuperBloc Control of Turnouts/Points/Switches (62.0 kb)  
T33/15 How to create a Macroblock 'Cookbook' for SuperBloc design. (143.9 kb)  
T33/16 A Single Track End-to-End Layout for SuperBloc (85.7 kb)  
T33/17 SuperBloc Control of a Fixed Twin Track Layout (75.3 kb)  
T33/18 SuperBloc Controls for a Modular Layout (71.8 kb)  
T33/19 A superBloc Starter Layout (65.3 kb)  
T33/20 SuperBloc Control of Signals (65.5 kb)  
T33/21 PD3 Dual Solenoid Point Motor Driver with SuperBloc Logic Options (166.8 kb)  
T33/22 Using the SD2 signal driver with superBloc (65.3 kb)  
T33/23 Simple Signal Drivers for superBloc (32.2 kb)  
T33/24 PD3 Boost Converter for superBloc (97.9 kb)  
T33/25 A low cost Optical Detector and trains longer than a block (126.9 kb)  
T33/26 An automatic Point Lock for superBloc (75.6 kb)  
T33/27 SuperBloc Hints and Tips (82.6 kb)  
T33/28 Station Stop Timers for superBloc (80.3 kb)  
Electronic TechniquesTOP OF PAGE
ETEC-01 USB to Parallel Bus Interface (MERG-USB) (322.0 kb)  
TEST-01 Using the Layout Control Bus (LCB) Experimenter's Kit (490) (805.2 kb)  
TEST-01 Using the Layout Control Bus (LCB) Experimenter’s Kit (490) (805.2 kb)  

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